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swirl of socia media project

*We have worked with trusted brands

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Swiss Beer

A Swiss Beer social media campaign that aligns with the Swiss target group.

Swiss Beer

Brand Guerilliaz has worked on a social media campaign for a Swiss beer company. In this campaign, the concept was to use smart catch phrases with die cut images that aligned with the different target groups of the Swiss Beer. 

M&A Foodshop

Local foodshop selling premium German & European cheese and meats. 

M&A Foodshop

M&A Foodshop is a local foodshop based in Pattaya, Thailand. Selling premium Germal and European cheese and meat slices. Our Guerilliaz have helped them boost sales by launching an online webshop, enhancing their branding using image and videos, and launching a social media campaign to get their voices heard.


May the Force be With You. A design and web agency based in Bangkok, Thailand.


We helped Toneyes showcase their brands personality through utilizing social media. Using short clips and sneak peak posts of their latest projects, we keep their clients posted and wanting to see more. 

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